5 questions for Jacob Olvhammar

He is a self-taught software developer prodigy with a soft spot in his heart for Rust. Our latest team member, Jacob Olvhammar, brings energy and versatility to our projects, focusing on full-stack web, with a sprinkling of embedded firmware (in Rust, of course). For Jacob, the best about programming is "the endless possibilities." Take a look at the five questions below and get to know more about this talented mind — and welcome, Jacob!

1. Tell us about your work.

 I have been coding for multiple years in many different languages and fields, such as low-level systems development and web development. Most of my experience is with C, C++, Rust, and Javascript. 

2. Do you have any favorite language? Why?

All of them have a place in my heart, but Rust is for sure the favorite. That's because by being more strict, Rust encourages developers to write safe and readable code. 

3. What do you consider the best about coding?  

The endless possibilities. It's the building block of our future.


4. How do you stimulate your creativity?  

May it be anything so long there's room for creativity. It could be to make music, do 3D modelling, play video games, code, etc.


5. List 3 fun facts about you!

1. I always come in 2nd when playing Mario Kart.

2. Outer space fascinates me because of its vastness.

3. A good night's sleep is very precious to me.

Jacob Olvhammar

Rust is my favorite language because by being more strict, it encourages developers to write safe and readable code."

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