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A creative tech house merging strategy, design, and technology to catalyse innovation

We are a global agency working towards our vision to be the home of disruptive innovative products and experiences. We practice what we preach by taking the learnings from the ventures & startups that we create and run, and applying them to our corporate partners.

We are not your average agency pushing pixels and delivering lines of code

Using a startup approach we help our clients transform and adapt for the future - our tools are Design, Technology, and Strategy. We have a proven track record within the automotive industry, but today our services and expertise are applied to and stretches across all industry segments. Our headquarter has its base in the heart of Gothenburg with satellites in Stockholm and Shenzhen.









Two studios, one team. We ideate, create, launch and scale.

Combining the ecosystem and partnerships available in Gothenburg - industrial innovation capital of Sweden - and Shenzhen - electronics manufacturing  mecca of the world - we rapidly prototype, build, launch and scale new services and products.

What's on our mind?

We strive to partner and build long-term relationships to truly make an impact

Our work often ventures into the very complex, the undone, and the challenging. Hence we offer an array of partnerships to manage risk, set up for success, and turn ideas in reality. Over the last sixteen years, we have worked closely with our partners in various setups in order to make an impact.

We partner and co-venture with world-class entrepreneurs and corporations to disrupt industries

We love projects that have the potential to disrupt entire markets and industries. We combine design, technology, and innovative thinking to bring these projects to life.

We share risk, we share success, and we leverage each other’s skills and assets to minimize time-to-market. Whether we invest in or co-create a venture within a corporate we function as a catalyst, we’re always flexible - and always move quickly.

our co-ventures


Worlds first smartwatch for the surf industry with ocean data from Magicseaweed.

Founded by The Techno Creatives in 2018

Golden Ridge

Autonomous mobility services for China developed with Baidu.

Co-founded by The Techno Creatives in 2017


AI banking and bookkeeping made for entrepreneurs in Europe. Funded with 100MSek.

Founded by The Techno Creatives in 2011


Boating made easy, part of Navico, the worlds biggest marine electronic provider.

Became part of Navico in 2017

A dedicated team from all over the world, all bringing our culture, habits and weirdness to the table.

Our ways of working are based on trust and respect

We work hard and do great stuff, but our organizational structure is extremely flat. Working closely together on-site at our studio allows us to learn from each other and explore what we haven’t learned yet.

A place where you can be yourself

We don’t judge each other based on beliefs but encourage one another to explore different ways of thinking. Do whatever you want and share what you’ve learned along the way!

A place where you can be yourself

We hire based on confidence and have 100% faith in everyone at the company. People can figure out their stuff here; we’re not waiting to be told what to do.

We take Nike's slogan by our heart; Just do it!

We build stuff, make sure it works and always do our best to get the best result; even when it takes a few hours more. We are doers.

We support passionate individuals to work with us

If we want to work with the best, we have to offer the best benefits. Whether you're based in South America or in the Carribean, we are there throughout your journey. May it be language classes, help to find housing or find a social life; we’re there for you!

Join our team!

Our studio is a place where developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs can come together

Inspiring meet-ups and get-togethers

We organise meet-ups because; well, sharing is caring. Unity, Figma, Rust. TedX Gothenburg, Chinapreneurs, mental health in the tech industry, just to name a few. We’re doing our best to contribute to an ecstatic innovation culture.

Achievements during the Club

Twice a year we invite all of our friends to celebrate our achievements and have a themed party. Not staying humble here, it’s pretty epic. Come work with us and you can see it with your own eyes.

Communities through hackatons

Want to spend an evening with like-minded people creating music? Feel like the immigration process can be improved? Want to use Earth Observation and AI to estimate areas occluded by clouds? We team up with organizations and plan hackathons. That’s where the magic happens.

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