April 24, 2024
Make your party 3D with 2 webcams

This party’s theme was red/blue and we of course went full 90s and added a bunch of good old 3D effects to our screens, as well as gave people 3D glasses.

April 15, 2024
Join Us This Friday for an Interactive Evening at Techno Creatives Club!

Experience an engaging gathering this Friday at Techno Creatives Club, where professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and startups converge to celebrate innov

April 10, 2024
The Techno Creatives Host Hack and Tell Event

The Techno Creatives celebrated their inaugural Hack and Tell event, fostering an environment for sharing innovative projects and ideas among like-minded individuals.

April 2, 2024
IBM TechXchange: FinOps in Action at The Techno Creatives

Join us to learn firsthand about optimizing cloud resources, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and streamlining cloud operations with advanced FinOps capabilities.

March 27, 2024
Shaping Future Mobility

Join Joel Rozada and The Techno Creatives in a panel discussion at Advanced Engineering, exploring the future of automotive transportation in 2030, focusing on HMI design

March 25, 2024
Join Us for an Insightful NVIDIA Ecosystem Event at The Techno Creatives!

Be part of an engaging NVIDIA ecosystem event at The Techno Creatives in Gothenburg, featuring keynote recaps, discussions on future visions, and networking opportunities

February 22, 2024
Discover The Techno Creatives' Innovations in Generative AI at Tech Arena!

Visit The Techno Creatives booth at Tech Arena to explore their latest projects and products in generative AI, discovering potential synergies for your business.

November 30, 2023
Evolving Trends in GenAI: The Future of RAG

Explore the evolving landscape of GenAI technologies, particularly the role of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

November 15, 2023
Tackling Global Challenges with Humble Expertise

Highlighting @Emma Rozada 爱马’s participation in the European Parliament of Enterprises 2023

November 1, 2023
Stats from Techno Club

The recent Techno Club event showcased our achievements including awards, entertainment, and community engagement

October 12, 2023
The Techno Creatives at Euro Rust

The Techno Creatives recently participated in Euro Rust, an event dedicated to exploring the innovative possibilities of the Rust programming language.

October 5, 2023
Advancements in Vertical Farming at The Techno Creatives

Discover the latest developments in connected vertical farming at The Techno Creatives, as pump stations are enhanced and lettuce production reaches unprecedented levels.

October 4, 2023
Join Us for an Evening of Innovation: Techno Creatives Club Event

Experience the convergence of creativity and entrepreneurship at Techno Creatives Club, where minds meet, ideas spark, and innovation thrives.

August 9, 2023
Introducing Technobox: Our Innovative Approach to Igniting Ideas

We're excited to introduce Technobox, our take on the renowned Kickbox concept, aimed at providing a simple yet effective method to fuel innovation within organizations.

August 2, 2023
Elevating Clean Motion's Online Presence: A Website Redesign Success Story

Discover how The Techno Creatives transformed Clean Motion's website to reflect their strategic direction and latest product launch, with a clean and modern design and an

July 19, 2023
The Ultimate Boat Owner Experience

Discover our partnership with Rand, a Danish luxury day cruiser manufacturer, to unveil a revolutionary boat owners app that provides seamless connectivity and control fr

July 12, 2023
Introducing the Enhanced Plint Freelancer Platform

We've successfully crafted a user-friendly platform for Plint freelancers, enhancing their independence and agility through comprehensive job overviews, clear communicati

July 5, 2023
Collaboration with Batteryloop on BLESS: A Sustainable Energy Solution

Discover our recent collaboration with Batteryloop, where we designed a user-friendly dashboard for their innovative circular energy storage system, BLESS, repurposing au

June 12, 2023
Techno Creatives' Lakeside Retreat

Life at Techno Creatives - go to a lake together with games, fun and grill! ☀️

June 9, 2023
Techno Creatives Hosts Silicon Vikings Event on ChatGPT and Foundation Models

The Techno Creatives proudly hosted a panel discussion featuring global speakers, including representatives from OpenAI, HAI, AI Sweden, Openli, and NVIDIA, on the topic

June 7, 2023
Exploring AI's Impact on B2B Marketing: Insights from Our Exclusive Event

Our recent event with GO MO Group brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities AI presents for B2B marketing and sales, emphasizing the i

June 2, 2023
Let's Talk About UX Reaches 1000 Members!

The Techno Creatives celebrates Let's Talk About UX reaching 1000 members with a gathering on June 15th.

May 31, 2023
Join Us for the B2B NeXT Commerce Insiders' Event

We're excited to host the B2B NeXT Commerce Insiders' event alongside GoMo Group, tailored for those dedicated to advancing B2B sales.

May 29, 2023
ChatGPT and foundation models: the need, the infrastructure and privacy

Join us for an event on ChatGPT and foundation models, exploring infrastructure and regulatory landscapes from US and EU perspectives.

May 12, 2023
Founder Emma Rozada Joins Jury for Founders Awards

We are proud to present our founder Emma Rozada as a Jury Members for this year's Founders Awards.

April 28, 2023
The Techno Creatives invests and becomes strategic partner in Roam

The Techno Creatives made a significant investment in Roam, a scale-up focused on bringing electrified mobility to Africa through connected vehicles. The strategic partne

April 28, 2023
Generative AI was the theme - Thank you for joining us at our Club

Thank you for joining us at our Club last Friday! And a big thank you to our team for making our club on Friday an unforgettable experience for everyone who attended.

March 28, 2023
Rust Meet Up

Aaaaand we're back! Nearly a year since the last meetup so lets get together and share all the cool Rust knowledge we've accumulated over the past 11 months.

March 16, 2023
Join The Techno Creatives Club

Get ready to party with the coolest people around, dance to amazing DJs, and enjoy mojitos all night long.

February 20, 2023
Unity meet-up, the first of 2023!

Game changers and Unity-lovers, welcome to learn&share how to apply Unity to a new industry!

February 20, 2023
figma meet-up

Design geeks, come join us for a hands-on-session in creating an App!

November 8, 2022
Club Techno Creatives - Lights & Magic

Thank you for making the 17th Club Techno Creatives magical!

September 20, 2022
Join our next Techno Creatives Club 🎉

Clear your calendar - It's going down! See you 21 October at 18:00

September 1, 2022
We are nominated for 3 UX Design Awards!

3 nominations - 3 different companies

May 25, 2022
Club Techno Creatives - Growth Party

16th edition of Club Techno Creatives was 🔥 Thank you everyone for participating, the pleasure was on our side!

May 16, 2022
The Club - Growth Edition

Growth, Cake, Friends, Games, Mojitos, and good music. It is time, again, to polish your best dancing shoes, and slip into your best party dress.

March 4, 2022
5 questions for Markus Tinnfält

Let us introduce our new developer Markus Tinnfält. Passionate about visuals, we’re happy to have his talented mind contributing to our Unity and 3D projects. Read more!

February 18, 2022
5 questions for Samir Saeedi

We’re excited to present Samir Saeedi. Versatile, he works both on Backend and Frontend and is also eager for learning languages other than programming languages.

February 9, 2022
FIG-AME meetup

We're back with our Design meetups! We start 20022 with a mix of Figma and Unity meetups to create a simple and fun game. Come join us! See details here.

December 22, 2021
🎙 EP10 I Azelio - Energilagringssystem för 24/7 solenergi - från Uddevalla till Marocko

Jonas Eklind share with us his journey of working with pioneering products in different industries. In this episode, we deep-dive in the renewable energy chapter.

November 16, 2021
TYRI and The Techno Creatives come together in joint venture

The Gothenburg companies will make digital work lighting that will create completely new opportunities and increased safety in the lighting industry.

November 10, 2021
Parakey and The Techno Creatives win Red Dot 2021

Together with the PropTech company, we have received the prestigious design award in the Film & Animation category

October 25, 2021
Club Techno Creatives - 15 Years Party

What a party! Thank you everyone for coming and making our 15th anniversary celebration unforgettable! Check out the pics from the evening.

October 20, 2021
Check Our Calendar during Gothenburg Tech Week

From developers meetups to a pitching meeting with investors. See our participation at the most awaited week for tech-savvy and entrepreneurs.

October 19, 2021
🎙 EP09 I The Techno Creatives - 15 Years Creating Impactful Digital Solutions

In celebration of The Techno Creatives 15th anniversary, we chatted with our founders Emma and Joel Rozada. Listen now their inspiring journey.

October 18, 2021
GBG Tech Week: Let’s Discuss the Journey to CTO and Gender Diversity?

We team up with Women in Tech Gothenburg to deep dive into tech’s most mythical role: the CTO. How has the role changed? And why are there still so few women out there?

October 14, 2021
Venture Cup Announces 2021 Winners; Three Are From Väst Region

The Techno Creatives presented the West Region finalists during the live digital ceremony from our Studio. Check out the winners and pictures from the event!

October 11, 2021
Welcome Back to Meetup Events at The Techno Creatives

In the October calendar, we'll have Rust Göteborg and a new casual gathering for Web Developers. See how to register!

October 7, 2021
Icomera and The Techno Creatives Win Red Dot 2021

Among 9,000 entries, the Swedish companies received the award for the Discovery tool - a cloud-based software that enhances WiFi access to millions of public transport

September 27, 2021
The Techno Creatives and Axkid Are Internationally Awarded for Children's Safety Pad

With less than one year in the market, Axkid connect already won a Red Dot and was the only Swedish representative in the Product category of UXDA 2021

September 22, 2021
Founders of the Year 2021 are announced in Stockholm

The Techno Creatives COO, Emma Rozada, participated in the ceremony, as the jury chairman of 1st Category. See the winners and pics from the Gala evening.

September 20, 2021
Party time: The Techno Creatives celebrates 15 years!

Clear your calendar - it's going down! Our famous Club is back and you're invited to take part in the festivities of our 15th anniversary.

August 24, 2021
Techno Creatives will host Venture Cup National Finals

Digital ceremony will happen on October 7th. Registration to watch live who will be Sweden's Start-up of the Year is already open.

August 20, 2021
Top 7 reading suggestions from our Book Club

Check out the book selection list made by the Design Director Sabato Urciuoli, the first guest at our new Book Club format

June 15, 2021
The Techno Creatives Has a Brand New Studio

You can find our tribe now closer to the Göta Älv, at the Pagoden neighborhood. The new place is part of the ongoing expansion strategy.  

June 9, 2021
Gender equality: our COO Emma Rozada has been nominated to the Styrelselistan

The initiative from Västsvenska Handelskammaren aims to promote more equal boards in West Sweden - and  the Board List is one of the actions.

June 4, 2021
Top 10 places to visit in Gothenburg by our techno creatives

To celebrate Gothenburg's 400th Anniversary, our team picked their favourite place in this amazing cosmopolitan city. Take a look!

April 23, 2021
How to travel in time and save hours of Windows debugging

The previous interviews were focused on doing tricky things on Linux. For a change, we’ll redirect our attention to the unusual stuff that Zoey has been doing on Windows.

March 26, 2021
Techno Creatives Sustainability Report 2020

We started to map the sustainability impact of the solutions we co-develop, and you can now check the analyzes of five projects.

March 12, 2021
Unity 3D: How VFX can bring life to UI and data visualisation

Digital Product Designer Jonas Lindberg shares learnings from our favourite real-time game engine - from early explorations to award-winning projects

February 22, 2021
TV4 presents Valkyria and our VR experience for the Liseberg roller coaster

Teknikens under program shows all work behind Europe's highest dive coaster, including the virtual reality ride created by us.

February 9, 2021
Interview: How open-source language tools are helping to keep Sámi language alive

Spelling checkers, keyboards, dictionaries are some of the tools offered by Divvun and The Arctic University of Norway in collaboration with The Techno Creatives

January 28, 2021
🎙 EP08 I Gapwaves - Building the Antenna Standard of Tomorrow

In this episode, we listen to Gapwaves' impressive journey taking a novel antenna technology and making it the new standard for high-frequency radars.

January 15, 2021
Building a culture of trust through Figma towards clients

Four takeaways that helps to strengthen the bond between the design team and all other stakeholders

December 18, 2020
🎙 EP07: Lessons from a UX designer gone product officer

Last season's episode presents David Hallberg, with experiences from Angry Birds, Instabridge, and Forza Football. A must-listen for the digital product designer.

December 10, 2020
🎙 EP06: Bokio - THE software service for simplifying business administration

Bokio is about to become the financial software service making life easy for small business owners across Europe.

December 3, 2020
🎙 EP05: Multiviz - the Mjölnir for applying AI in the process industry

How Artificial Intelligence is used to improve industrial operations heavily? Meet Viking Analytics.

November 26, 2020
🎙 EP04: Parakey - para que? Building a secure digital access system with BLE

In this episode, Jonas Arvidsson gives us learnings to successfully introduce digital solutions in a traditional B2B industry.

November 19, 2020
🎙 EP03: The Box That Shifts Laundry Towards Sustainability

Co-founder of Mimbly Isabela Palmgren tells her inspiring journey of creating sustainable water solutions.

November 6, 2020
🎙 EP02: The secret sauce of creating outstanding synthesizers

Meet Elektron - the instrument developer that supports music lovers keeping their creative spirit in a world going digital.

October 30, 2020
🎙 Podcast: The world’s most used equestrian app

Pilot episode of Techno Creatives podcast welcomes Adam Torkelsson, founder of Equilab, an equestrian app near to one million users.

October 14, 2020
Video streaming: for fun and research?

Two developers talking about streaming video feeds from multiple cameras and merging them in real-time.

October 13, 2020
GBG Tech Week - Watch the full seminar about sustainable business

How companies can we meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations? Find out the suggestions from Tomas Haglund, former member of our advisory board

September 30, 2020
Techno Creatives and Vitrolife win Red Dot Award

"G-series interactive Hologram" is the winning project in Brands & Communication Design 2020. Vitrolife first showcased the demo installation in Vienna.

September 9, 2020
Figma Config Europe will have a techno creative as a Speaker

Our Digital Product Designer Daan Hekking will talk about how to create trust towards clients through the open design tool

August 27, 2020
Come mingle with us at the GBG Tech Week

We are hosting a Circular Talks & Barbecue, an event that will happen both physically and online. There are still some spots left, and you are welcome to join us!

August 20, 2020
The desperate need for a flexible real estate industry - Interview with Nicolas Waern @WINNIIO

The real estate industry is experiencing an exponential demand for increased flexibility. But how can companies in the sector succeed with digital transformation initiatives?

August 18, 2020
The Techno Creatives and Gapwaves receive a Red Dot

The international recognition was given to the project 5G antenna product movie, which translates Gapwaves sophisticated technology for the public

August 11, 2020
The Techno Creatives and Veoneer win Red Dot award

The two companies received the prestigious international prize in the category Brands & Communication Design 2020

July 30, 2020
A shifting real estate industry: Interview with Karl Garberg @ United Spaces

Techno Creatives is launching a series of insights-driven real estate articles having worked with the real estate industry from different angles and actor roles.

July 29, 2020
Techno Creatives is the only Swedish company in the global UX Design Awards

The creative digital agency from Gothenburg figures in the prestigious competition with three nominations together with Universeum, Veoneer and Weret

July 2, 2020
How to get bitter lemons and make a tasty lemonade

Or better saying: how our techno creatives overcame the lack of a product due to Covid-19

June 8, 2020
Supporting Multitouch in Unity apps on Linux thanks to libinput and Rust

Sometimes, we use the Unity game engine to make non-games and run them on Linux. Check how our devs solved some touch screen issues in an interesting way.

June 1, 2020
THE TC e-bike will be presented at UID20 | Design Talks & Degree Show

Our Techno Creative thesis worker Philip Beller will exhibit our e-bike, a fresh take on two-wheel mobility

December 4, 2019
Divvun to showcase inclusive technologies at LT4All at the UN

Did you know that thousands of people don’t have access to their own language on their mobile devices?

September 9, 2019
We've won two more Red Dot Awards this year

We can't be more proud of our team who has worked on these two projects (and of course all the other projects we have done). Another 2 Red Dot Awards for our collection.

September 2, 2019
Let's celebrate! We've been nominated for two UX Design Awards this year!

The result of the nominations for the UX Design Awards 2019 has been determined and we have been nominated for 2 UX Awards!

May 17, 2019
The boundaries of work - Keeping it sustainable

How does one juggle the responsibilities of work, with the responsibilities of life? There are different factors that make work-life balance hard.

May 7, 2019
Club Techno Creatives #14

Our summer parties are so much more than just sharing a beer or two with colleagues and friends. Judge for yourself!

May 7, 2019
TedX Gothenburg Salon

Let's talk about Sex & Tech at TEDx Gothenburg's Salon Event hosted at The Techno Creatives.

April 1, 2019
Annual FIFA Brawl

On January 23rd the big Fifa Brawl took place in the Gothenburg Studio. Check out what happend!

April 1, 2019
Meeting up with the Rust Community

Pascal introduced himself and talked about the popular Diesel crate and how it is to be a member of the Rust command-line interfaces working group.

March 19, 2019
Celebrating one year in Shenzhen

Our Shenzhen office is turning 1 year in April. We have learnt a lot from the first year and in 2019 the team has grown with yet another great colleague.

November 21, 2018
Club Techno Creatives #13

Another season, another party! Thank you, everyone, for contributing to making Club Techno Creatives a fantastic evening.

November 7, 2018
Dribbble time! Meeting up for the first time

The Techno Creatives was happy to host one of the first Dribbble meetups in Gothenburg on the 8th of November 2018.

October 18, 2018
Another Red Dot Award!

NEVS City inMotion won a prestigious prize: the Red Dot Award Communication Design 2018.

May 19, 2018
Chinapreneurs GBG #5

Come listen to experiences of closing deals with Chinese companies at The Techno Creatives during the 5th edition of Chinapreneurs.

May 5, 2018
Club Techno Creatives #12

Join us as we celebrate the triumphs of The Techno Creatives in an interactive evening that gathers together creatives, techs and executives from all over Gothenburg.

May 3, 2018
TEDx - Immoral Thinking - Design Thinking Techniques

Alter the strategy of thought in order to approach the pressing problems of our time in a creative manner. Our CEO Joel Rozada explores the idea of “Immoral Thinking”

February 9, 2018
Design for transition to the future of autonomous driving

Our designer Jiaojiao Xu was invited by the Interaction Design Association to talk about the topic 'Design for the transition to the future of autonomous driving'.