The Internet of Things platform born out of spite

As entrepreneurs and innovators we have dealt with multiple IoT platforms, and none of them were particularly good. Too many restrictions, limitations and missing features. So, we decided to do it differently – with unique fees, licensing models, adaptability and IP rights. We put you in control of your own solution and future abilities.

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Modern, modular & flexible

Vendor agnostic cloud solutions that help you to collect, upgrade, monitor, provision, analyze and scale your IoT fleet.

Using modern web standards like GraphQL, it is possible to build, launch and maintain any integrations and apps necessary for your business.

Hardware and firmware that adds a digital layer to your products without sizeable initial investment or hidden fees


How is Elevate different from the rest?

Small scale
Whatever the scale, Elevate offers business models and ways of implementation that are cost-effective even at very low production volumes.
A lot of SMEs become trapped, locked in, or stuck with ‘the giants’ - with Elevate you a choose your partner. Interoperability by design is a core principle.
Entrepreneurs by heart, we know the struggle. Elevate offers flexible and tailored license models based on your situation and needs.
No vendor lock-in
Flexible investment setup
Full Ownership
Kickstart at low cost
Rapid prototyping
Elevate is designed for prototyping and development - yet is secure and stable enough to be rolled out on scale.
Created to be agile, nimble, and without hidden costs and large upfront fees.
Full control and adaptability of all parts - from hardware to licenses to the data that flows in the system.

Security is a top priority

User access
Appropriate levels of access can be configured for an organization. Two-factor authentication keeps accounts and the device fleet protected.
Elevate limits the scope of user data stored in the Elevate Cloud. Personally identifiable information that could be compromising is securely transmitted, but not stored.
Over the air updates of firmware make it possible to remotely address security vulnerabilities for the whole fleet.
Data Policy / GDPR
OTA firmware updates
Secure by default
Hardware keys
No open ports
Elevate runs “bare metal” on a microcontroller without an operating system. Each type of communication is intentionally added, and there are no open ports for port scanners or active side attacks.
Each Elevate device has its own private key, and no unauthorized hardware can access the system.
All communication between device and cloud is always encrypted.

Modern hardware

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Elevate IoT Cellular System on a Module

The Elevate IoT SoM (System on a Module) is a 4G (LTE CAT M1) cellular IoT module with global support. LTE technology for IoT is designed for 50% less power consumption than 2G/3G. In addition to cellular connectivity, the Elevate module is also equipped with 2G/3G fallback, Bluetooth 5 (BLE) and NFC.

The Elevate IoT SoM is designed to be integrated into a host circuit board with a mPCIE1 connector, allowing the module to be changed or upgraded independently from the host system.

The hardware and accompanying firmware is designed from the ground up to work with Elevate Cloud, a flexible and nimble set of server software, infrastructure, and tools to build, connect and manage an IoT fleet.

Elevate Development Board

We have built a reference carrier board where the Elevate Cellular SoM can be inserted. This development board allows for both convenient desktop development and rapid test deployment in the field. It can be powered with standard USB-C, an external 5-volt power source or standard lithium-ion battery cells. The power management system automatically switches between the power sources and handles the charging of the connected battery.

The development board is also equipped with CAN, accelerometer, and Arduino compatible headers, making rapid prototyping a breeze.