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As entrepreneurs and innovators we have dealt with multiple IoT platforms, we decided to do it differently – with unique fees, licensing models, adaptability and IP rights. We put you in control of your own solution and future abilities.


Our solution

Elevate, our IoT solution, allows you to connect your product (e.g. vehicle) using our hardware device and monitor vehicle vitals in our fleet management web dashboard. We typically complement this with an end-user mobile app where features depend on your unique needs, e.g an app could show vehicle data, onboard drivers, allow users to book a vehicle or pay for vehicle usage.

We can offer all or parts of an end-to-end IoT solution, from hardware devices all the way to user applications, including maintenance and hosting services over time. Mix and match below services based on your needs.

Core features always included but customised for your unique needs & brand.

The why

Strengths of the solution

Control & ownership

Full control and adaptability of all parts - from hardware to licenses to the data that flows in the system.


Entrepreneurs by heart, we know the struggle. We have a set of standard features for our hardware, firmware and digital applications but this can be customised to your needs.


The Techno Creatives help you from concept to industrialisation of a product or service. Pick which services you need, hardware, software with API, admin tools to end user applications.


All communication between device and cloud is always encrypted. Each Elevate device has its own private key, no unauthorized hardware can access the system.

vendor lock in

A lot of SMEs become trapped, locked in, or stuck with ‘the giants’ - with Elevate you choose your partner. Interoperability by design is a core principle.

rapid prototyping

Elevate is designed for prototyping and development - yet is secure and stable enough to be rolled out at scale.


Whatever the scale, Elevate offers business models and ways of implementation that are cost-effective even at very low production volumes.

kickstart at low cost

Created to be agile, nimble, and without hidden costs and large upfront fees.

flexible investment

Elevate offers both flexible and tailored license models as well as monthly subscriptions based on your situation and needs.

The how

How do we do it?

Our standard package includes core features and functionality across the solution, from hardware to user applications. Here we give you a glimpse into the fleet admin tool and the hardware solution.

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web application

Fleet admin tool

Manage Your Fleet

You’ll have the control that your vehicles are being utilized effectively to maximize their value, and will make informed decisions based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends.

Track your vehicles

Track the location, status, errors, warnings and performance of your vehicles in real-time. With Elevate you will have a comprehensive view of the fleet and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Manage service

Keep track of previous services and schedule future services as needed. Elevate can reduce downtime, and optimize maintenance schedules, leading to cost savings.

Analysis & maintenance

Analyse battery performance over time and utilise predictive maintenance to proactively prevent breakdowns. Access to remote diagnostics and receive real-time notifications to ensure vehicle health and identify maintenance needs.

Custom add-ons

We can add custom features to the fleet admin tool based on your unique needs, e.g. financials, third party integrations, remote controls, dashboards and more.

Technical details

Elevate IoT cellular system on a module

Introducing the device that combines telematics and versatility in one powerful unit - the telematic unit with an integrated general-purpose VCU microcontroller. This device revolutionizes the way vehicles interface with advanced technologies, providing a wide range of features and capabilities.The device establishes a seamless connection between the vehicle and the outside world through its 18 pin connector, enabling data exchange and communication.

With its comprehensive feature set and advanced capabilities, the telematic unit with an integrated general-purpose VCU microcontroller is a cutting-edge solution for modern vehicles, offering enhanced connectivity, data acquisition, and intelligent functionalities.

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Target vehicles

Elevate vehicle suitability

Application areas

Who do we target?

We primarily target B2B businesses selling or managing a fleet of electric motorcycles, boats, micromobility vehicles or trailers. However, we are always open to exploring how our solution can be applied to different segments and product areas.

Can't find your segment?

No problem, please get in touch to discuss how we might meet your unique needs.

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