A team of skilled professionals who are on top of their game, across industries.

We are open-minded people and have a culture where we work cross-disciplinary, learn from each other's experience and we encourage our partners to do the same. Our team exists of T-shaped people, which allows us to excel in areas like branding, business strategy, services, digital products, electronics, software and hardware.

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Strategic innovation
User experience design
Product design
Multimodal interface design
Electronics design
Embedded development
Fullstack web development
Embedded & desktop QT and Unity
Mobile development

Impactful products and services

We ensure high-quality digital products and services through user-centered design in order to create emotional resonance with the final user. Native apps, embedded hardware, electronics design, mechanical engineering, just to name a few qualities you need to possess to make an impact.

We’ve launched autonomous park rovers and wheelchairs  in China, produced connected watches, and built compatible native apps and web-apps.

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Collaborative innovation and transformation

We have launched several ventures, managed large scale strategic initiatives, as well as done the daily nitty-gritty of development. This collective experience allows us to efficiently assist corporates and scale-ups on the matter of getting real value out of their innovation efforts. What does that mean? Well, we assist organisations setup and develop necessary structures and ways of working in order to rapidly validate and develop solutions that tackle real problems in the market.

Our holistic view on development in various markets allows us to have a clear view of customer demands and trends that influence this behavior. We move fast and make an impact through execution.

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Engaging demos and experiences

Well planned and purposeful demos and experiences is an excellent way to show new technologies, visions, and developments. We’ve launched and maintained more than 50 demos and experiences throughout the years.

We know what it takes to quickly delight customers, both B2B customers and B2C. To ensure that we engage with users and get the desired message across we cover all aspects from strategic planning, alignment to visions, building it, to maintaining your demos. We believe that 'seeing is believing' so we use early prototypes to test and validate the experience and the effect.

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Every challenge is a unique one - We partner with you in a setup that suits your needs to ensure success

We are flexible in the way we work with our partners. Whether you want to share the risk with us, want to work in sprints towards an MVP or looking for a partner to co-venture with, we are there.

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