Clean Motion

Building brand identity, web & vehicle configurator for product launch

Clean Motion is a scale-up vehicle manufacturing business. They had reached a turning point in their company journey where they were about to target a new customer segment with a new type of vehicle - shifting from vehicles for transporting people to vehicles transporting goods in urban areas. Their current website did not represent this new direction nor communicate their company vision - failed to capture leads from investors or partners. They wanted to use this strategic shift to create a new brand identity and website to launch this new vehicle to attract possible customers and gain investor attention.


The goal of the new website was to showcase Clean Motion’s new brand identity to strengthen them as a trustworthy brand, also communicate their new strategic focus, how their new vehicle would meet the needs of this new target group and how they differ from competitors. We also needed to show the strategic value case behind to attract investors and potential partners.


For about 3 months we designed and developed a user-friendly website and configurator for Clean Motion. Our clean and modern design enhances their online presence and boosts vehicle sales. The intuitive interface and dynamic configurator empower customers to customize vehicles and make informed decisions. Integration with their CRM system ensures efficient lead management.

Key features

Key features include a landing page balancing the showcase of the new vehicle with the problem & vision of the company. The about page coupled with the investor page aims to communicate the business scalability and vision. The configurator adds to the user experience by demonstrating how you can customise the vehicles to your unique needs. To emphasise how the vehicle differs from others we created a calculator to show how environmentally friendly the vehicle is. 

Achieve the goal

The goal is achieved by firstly having a clear navigation structure to help guide users - whether you are a potential customer, partner, media or investor you should easily find what you are looking for. Secondly the web & configurator follows the new brand identity consistently, and  balances focus between the vehicle use cases and the business vision to attract both customers and investors. Different contact forms also help Clean Motion capture leads in a structured way.


Compared to the original website, this new website experience makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for while exploring what Clean Motion offers in a more engaging way than before.