Smart Eye

Demo for Human Insight AI at CES 2023

Smart Eye is the global leader in Human Insight AI, technology that understands, supports, and predicts human behavior in complex environments. Their aim is to bridge the gap between humans and machines for a safer future. We helped them demonstrate it at CES 2023 by creating their fair experience.


Demonstrations are a superb way of exhibiting a market segment's future. With a specific focus on crafting unique tech-driven experiences, we collaborated with Smart Eye as their creative partner to design and develop a car experience, driven by human insights, to stimulate participants' emotions to prove that Smart Eye is the future.


In about 3 months The Techno Creatives designed and built a three-step car simulator experience to show the potential AI and tech in the car industry has in the future.

Designing the experience

Building exciting and interactive experiences is close to our heart at TTC. That’s why we spend much time in designing, iterating and trying new medias to create an unique and special experience every time.

In this project, we wanted to make the participants understand why SmartEye’s products is something to invest in. We decided to go with dividing the experience in three phases; Introduce the tech, Experience the tech and Analyse the tech. All of them where designed to be easily accessible for the different situations and personas at CES, Las Vegas.

Design meets Technology

Our set up is a brilliant piece of technology, allowing us to update the experience from anywhere in the world. It was designed to match various needs, from quick chats in smaller environments to extensive presentations on a big stage.

The idea was that the experience shouldn’t only be for the driver, but the passengers and people around it. By maximising the experience for everyone, more people could experience it at the same time.

Data visualisation

Clients often ask us to visualise their product. In this case, the product was data. So by data visualisation we bridged the gap between binary number and consumer value, in a explanatory, interactive and exciting way.