One single tool to enhance internet connectivity to millions of passengers

As the leading provider of mobile Internet connectivity solutions for public transport, Icomera serves millions of passengers daily. All this data needs to be handled efficiently to maintain a fast and reliable connection. That's where the Discovery tool comes into play. Developed from the ground up, Discovery is a powerful cloud-based platform and tool that provides enhanced monitoring of fleets and systems in real-time, enabling unrivaled analysis capacity for operators and a smoother wifi experience for passengers.


People are having increasingly higher demands on their connected onboard experience in public transports, generating huge amounts of data. With the Discovery tool, all this information is now organized in one faster and more robust platform, allowing any problems to be detected, investigated, and fixed at the earliest possible point. By proactively configuring router traffic down to individual services at certain times of day depending on travel patterns - the result is a proactively optimized Internet connectivity onboard public transport.


We teamed up with the Icomera Innovation Team to analyze and prioritize which parts of their whole fleet of legacy tools needed focus. Working with a completely agile approach, we created a whole new UX design and IT architecture, built to scale. By keeping information organized in one single faster and more robust platform, Discovery increases productivity by also presenting an intuitive and context rich web interface. In the end, its positive impact is felt across all groups - from internal Icomera stakeholders and B2B clients to public transport passengers worldwide.

Discovery Tool proactively optimizes Internet connectivity for millions of passengers on a daily basis.

As the leading provider of mobile Internet connectivity solutions for public transport, Icomera’s unrivaled experience in the field has taught them what issues clients are likely to encounter as they progress along with their digital roadmap. Discovery has been developed from the ground up to identify and neutralize many of these issues at the earliest possible point.
Our partnership with Icomera started on a UX redesign project to create a more user-friendly interface for operators. But the more we studied Icomera’s vast, complex, and high-performance system, the brighter the light bulb over our design - and developers! - team became.

We came back to Icomera’s Innovation team with a redesign and IT re-architecture plan that would unite several tools and functions into one platform and would also enable infinite scalable options. Icomera jumped onboard the new scope and the Discovery Tool update entered into development. Since our first meeting, it was possible to quickly iterate and expand module after module - still keeping a strong end-user focus.

It’s been a pleasure to work with The Techno Creatives – They are fantastic collaborators who helped to deliver Discovery’s logic as well as look and feel to our specifications and beyond.”

A new IT architecture that gives Icomera’s robust system infinite scalability

Continuing the journey, Icomera analysed what parts of the whole fleet of legacy tools needed focus, and in what order. Priorities defined, a full map of the systems were created in order to create the unique tool.

Using machine learning technology to automatically raise alerts, the Discovery tool provides a wide range of metrics. It is possible to view very specific data points regarding alerts from systems onboard- enabling early detection - then, to investigate and fix at the earliest possible point. The tool allows deep-level real-time and historical data analysis of the onboard network, systems, and hardware. And Furthermore, it gives direct access to several different types of reports, simplifying this process and improving productivity by reducing working hours to complete the same task.

The new IT architecture and the solution of creating one place to monitor and manage onboard wifi performance, it now paves the way for Icomera to grow even more in established as well as new markets., expanding the number of wi-fi routers and associated services on trains, trams, and buses - regardless of a fleet’s size.

An intuitive web interface that improves productivity

Working together as one team - developers, designers and Icomera’s Innovation Team - we came up with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and customizable web interface for the new Discovery tool. As the project set out, a thorough pre-study was conducted resulting in a solid decision framework for how the new system should be built.  With a new look and feel with colours and shapes being one thing, the new navigation and user interface in total allows users to quickly view key metrics, and drill down into the tool’s wealth of data on an account, fleet, or system level.

Through Discovery’s map view, operators can track vehicles in a fleet in real-time, and inspect a wide range of data relating to the quality of connection, data consumption, system and hardware performance along a vehicle’s route. The intuitive layout of Discovery’s different modules and functions helps the user to better analyze any system out there, and thus facilitating the much-needed data-driven decision capability.