Improving user experience of freelancer platform



About Plint

Plint is a global player within localisation of video content. By attracting and retaining a large group of professional freelancing linguists around the globe, Plint is able to provide their customers with efficient and high quality translations.

A key to attracting freelancers, retaining them, and continuously improving their skills is the freelancer’s experience with the Plint website. Plint had identified that the previous Plint system was not able to help achieve short or long term growth goals, and the architecture (or lack thereof) prevented continuous improvements.

The Techno Creatives

The Techno Creatives objective was to design and develop a new freelancer experience that is less tightly coupled to Plint Core and consistent to the Plint brand. In addition to the freelancer experience, during initial workshops with Plint stakeholders we’ve identified a need to improve the internal Plint administration, workflow and analytics tooling.

With a combination of integration with existing 3rd party software service, alongside bespoke Plint systems a cost effective and lean solution was deployed.

Project Team

Roadmap and Execution Plan

01 Discovery Phase


The discovery phase is a process in which information is collected and analysed about the project, such as processes, the intended audience, technical restrictions and usage.

This helps clarify the goals, limitations, and the overall scope of the project.

User Personas