Volvo Group

Gamifying data to attract new talents

“Connect the data” is a web based single player game that tells a story about Volvo being more than the vehicles. Throughout the challenging puzzle game the user is taken on a journey that showcases what kind of data Volvo Group utilizes in their product development.


For a lot of engineers, saying “Volvo Group” immediately brings their minds to trucks, buses and excavators. But in reality Volvo Group is multifaceted, leaning heavily into data-science. Looking for a way to connect with new talent within data science, Volvo Group decided to try something new to get their attention.


By creating a fun, inviting game with a clear message about working with data, Volvo Group attracted visitors during fairs, and steered the conversation towards data. During the project, multiple game-sessions were held to pressure test both UX and development, as well as storytelling and messaging. To allow for full accessibility, we built the game so that anyone could launch it from their own devices (Phones, tablets, computers) from any web-browser.

Interactive data chunks that build services

This puzzle game requires quick problem solving to clear all the levels.  The goal with the puzzle is to build services by combining and subtracting data chunks - visualized with simple blocks, each with descriptions to get a peek into what data Volvo Group works with. There are three worlds with four levels, increasingly getting harder to solve. The faster the user solves a level, the more points they get that are added to their score.

Building a responsive, real-time game

The whole thing was built from idea to finished product in 2 months. The continuous integration of better real-time-rendering in Web, with HTML2.0 allowing more and more possibilities. This allowed for a world-wide launch, but also for a convenient continuous testing with updates being synced for everyone throughout the project.


Click here to try and solve the puzzle. For more information about Volvo Group visit their website.