Visualising technological potential

The AEG Interactive Shirt Installation was first shown at the 2018 IFA consumer electronics trade show to highlight AEG’s recent advances in environmentally and garment friendly washing technology.


Augmenting and visualizing the effects of cutting-edge technology through projection mapping is absolutely magical. The augmented shirt visualises the difference in washing procedure and the resulting difference in wear and tear if the garment in a way that attracts visitors even from afar.


Two main touchpoints made up the installation, a digital tablet together with a shirt augmented and made interactive through projection-mapping. Claims and illustrations made in the touch screen were supported side by side with physical evidence in the form of garments from the testing facility.

Not one, but three connected experiences.

All three experiences we have developed are related to each other and showcase new functions AEG was keen on showing. To exemplify; AEG ÖKOPower, the main function showcased, pre-mixes the detergent and fabric softener before it reaches the laundry in the drum. This gets garments cleaner while requiring less mechanical action, leading to reduced energy consumption and less wear of the garment and its fibers, keeping the garment brand-new looking for longer.

Through various techniques, one of them being projection mapping, these hidden, but relevant new technologies, are now visualised and explained.

Visitors can control the installation through a tablet which also provides viewers with deeper knowledge and data regarding ÖKOPower’s functionality. On one side the projection mapping, the other side the tablet application in which you can control the experience and gain more in-depth knowledge.