Disrupting the bookkeeping industry using AI & Business model innovation

The accountant just went mobile. Snap a photo of the receipt and let the Bokio app do the rest. Accounting and administration for everyone, free to the user. Forever!


Bokio performs & prioritize tasks and is optimized for today´s entrepreneurs with no time for desk work. By letting the user fix their economy on the go, time is released from their private life. This startup is well-positioned to disrupt the €50 Billion EU market for financial and administrative services for small enterprises.


The Techno Creatives Founded Bokio in 2011 and four years later we joined forces with Mikael Eliasson, CTO, and Viktor Stensson, CEO. Our designers and developers have built front- and back-end systems for this to run efficiently, with the goal to get in in the hands of users as fast as possible.

Bokio empowers the entrepreneur to focus on actual revenue creating work, and be free outside work hours.

Bokio make today´s entrepreneurs able to independent of location manage payrolls, bookkeeping and invoicing from  a smartphone or tablet. It´s free to use and acts as a platform for partners to provide credits, pension, insurance and services.