Inspiring & clarifying future use cases of IoT in urban water systems

How does one showcase complex technologies that could have a significant impact on the way we fight water and climate challenges, set by UN's Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13? Interactive storytelling is a medium through which you can create a compelling experience for both a visitor and a possible moderator. The objective of showcasing these stories was to trigger ideas and collaborations between Grundfos and their 3000 yearly visiting customers to lead the way into the future.


Understanding nature is one thing, solving the challenges that come with this is another. Explaining solutions that tackle these challenges is a form of art and simple PowerPoint slides are simply not going to do the job of convincing clients and future partners to team up. It is key to quickly trigger interest and build enough depth in an exhibition to make it successful.


This interactive installation, built with a 65" touch screen, was designed and built by our designers and developers in Unity. Modelling buildings, streets, clouds, crafting compelling scenarios with multiple endings and everything that comes with launching this experience has been designed and developed in detail. This installation can be experienced at the Grundfos Centre in Mölndal, Sweden.

A true interactive storytelling experience that immersed visitors into a virtual world

A massive touch-screen was used as the point of interaction that ensured multiple visitors could share in the experience at the same time. A 3D city, complete with its own financial district, downtown area, quiet suburbs, farmland and it’s very own island was designed as the platform where all these water stories would unfold.

The city was a true interactive storytelling experience that immersed visitors into a virtual world where exploration was key and inspiration was just a tap away. Every tap revealing a thought provoking idea for the future and how connectivity, data and water will act as enablers, all of it visualised for the guest to experience directly on the city. Swipe around and discover what projects Grundfos has been working on to fight some of the earth’s water and climate challenges.

The future of data will tell us many stories and the Grundfos Connected World gave the Future Lab its storybook. The Connected World was launched in December 2017 and will continue to grow and evolve as new, fresh ideas and partnerships blossom as a result of this immersive experience.