A future city; simulating the impact of our behaviour on city planning

A 3D city with live traffic illustrated the impact the future can have on a city. Less traffic, no traffic jams, better air and no need for parking lots; part of NEVS future vision. In order to communicate NEVS' vision, an advanced tool was created that inspired all stakeholders to interact with it.


Cities change, urbanisation is happening and many more maxi, mega and mini trends have an impact on product development. Especially for car manufacturers. Understanding and being able to explain the implications of these effects is key to convincing future customers to purchase your products. Building an engaging experience is a medium that can be leveraged to accomplish that.


The City InMotion experience was a part of the NEVS stand during the CES Asia 2017. On a 65" touch display the experience was telling a story of how a future city could be like according to NEVS. Our designers and Unity developers have created a smooth experience from scratch.

Shaping mobility for a more sustainable future through educational experiences.

At the CES in Shanghai 2017, Asia’s leading tech event, NEVS launched the InMotion concept car; an autonomous vehicle that attracted a lot of interest among visitors. In connection with the concept car, NEVS also launched an educational digital table, where the visitors could see, experience and understand what NEVS meant with the offer “city solutions” and the vision “shape mobility for a more sustainable future”.