Improving visibility through personalised and connected lights

Heavy machinery operators have to operate in various conditions, conditions that can affect their vision. The complimentary Android and iOS app allows operators to customize the TYRI INTELLilight based n their preferences.


Operating heavy machinery in the dark or during the day can negatively impact the ability of operators to do their job effectively. In order to support these people, lights often needs to be adjusted, resulting in a need for quick access to light settings and controls.


Together with TYRI, we have designed and developed an Android and iOS application that allows operators to fully customize TYRI’s INTELLilight. Thanks to a wireless mesh network of lights, lights can be used indivdidually or in groups.

Configure lights through an intuitive interface

It’s not too difficult too imagine that operators in high-risk environments and industries prioritize safety. TYRI has developed a new kind of light, TYRI INTELLilight, that can adapt based on the challenges operators are facing. Together with them, we have developed an simple to use, but highly effective, complimentary mobile application for both iOS and Android.

Lights can be used individually, in groups or behave like a scene

This setup allows operators to utilize their lights to their full extend. It’s as easy to control lights individually as it is to control them in groups. Connect lights to the app, assign them to a group and control them. Want to personalize them more and control all lights with a simple on/off? Create a scene specifically for foggy days or morning sunshine. Easy peasy!

Proper onboarding results in a pleasant first experience, improving app retention rates

You can not expect your users to directly understand all features you incorporated in the app. New users ned to be onboarded and directly understand how to kickstart the main functionalities. This onboarding  is a hands-on one that helps you to connect lights and set them to the right settings.

An atomic design system, allowing for rapid development of iOS and Android apps

Every design element can always be broken down to a bare minimum. In order to accelerate the development and build consistency through the app, these minimum design elements have been defined. These building blocks can then be used in various ways to build more complex design elements, eventually resulting in a consistent visual language and usage.

want to know more?

For more information about the whole light ecosystem, visit TYRI's INTELLilight's webpage with more in-depth information.