The game changer for heavy machinery lighting

INTELLilight™ is the first and only wireless Bluetooth lighting system for heavy machinery that allows for personalised lightning through adjusting color temperature and brightness from a smartphone or remote - enhancing safety in high-risk industries.


Getting the right working light has always been a difficult task to solve. Weather conditions, reflections, and environmental factors make work even more challenging for operators in an already tough industry. Compared to standard solutions, INTELLilight™ not only provides flexibility in the setup through the wireless Bluetooth mesh, but also personalized lighting for whatever situation the user is in.


In collaboration with TYRI, The Techno Creatives developed the INTELLilight Android and iOS apps, and implemented the cloud that supports both. Controlling work lighting environments is smoother and more flexible than ever before thanks to easy-to-use apps that allow wireless control. Each app is powered by our own Beckon Bluetooth Mesh library, and use the state of the art UI frameworks on each platform: Compose & SwiftUI.

Configure lights through an intuitive interface

Building useful products is close to our heart. That’s why we involved both operators and machine body builders early on in the process to understand the environment this app will live in. Through research, interviews and a tested prototype we gathered insights, experiences and data to iterate on the concept and design the MVP.Our goal was to build an app that liberates users in the flexibility of the setup and management of their own mesh, as well as ensuring that users can quickly change the lights to their needs and environment. To enhance safety, rather than be another distraction, the UX flow is self-explanatory, efficient and informative.

A user interface that focuses on what matters most

The minimal and straightforward user interface shows users all the control settings in a glance, to enable easy adjusting of color temperature and dimming of both lights and groups. The onboarding, setup and UX writing is guiding and straight to the point - less is more. In order to accelerate the development and build consistency through the app, a design system was built fbased on native Android components.

Developing world-class performance with Bluetooth

Both the Android and iOS app are built upon our own open source Bluetooth framework Beckon-Android making the interactions safe, correct and low energy. The apps allow adding, grouping and managing the mesh in a fault tolerant way. Changes are automatically synced to the cloud and mesh sharing is supported. The apps were developed from the start with the actual firmware, lights and remote ensuring the best possible performance.

A joint venture made in heaven

We never shy away from a challenge. When TYRI launched INTELLIlight in 2020 we saw a great opportunity to solve a complex and difficult technical challenge. We strive to think outside of ordinary patterns and complete each project in the best possible way.The MVP is launched but there is more to come in this joint venture between TYRI and The Techno Creatives.

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An atomic design system, allowing for rapid development of iOS and Android apps

Every design element can always be broken down to a bare minimum. In order to accelerate the development and build consistency through the app, these minimum design elements have been defined. These building blocks can then be used in various ways to build more complex design elements, eventually resulting in a consistent visual language and usage.

want to know more?

For more information about the whole light ecosystem, visit TYRI's INTELLilight's webpage with more in-depth information.