An interactive installation, shown in Gothenburg's Universeum Science Center

The Moonlander is an installation that simulates the landing process of Apollo 11 when it first landed in the Sea of Silence on the moon in 1969. It is part of the exhibition of the space section in Universeum, Gothenburg, Sweden. Universeum is a museum to share and develop knowledge about science and nature.

An experience designed for a 450,000 annual visitors with a strong focus on education.

The moonlander is designed to educate the public about scientific facts behind the landing process of Apollo 11 with a simple and engaging experience. The visitors can experience the landing process from initiation of landing to the success of landing in a replicate cabin of Apollo 11.

There are two controls: the boost button, to both initiate the landing process and to slow down the speed of landing because of the lack of atmosphere around the moon, and the joystick, to steer the orientation of the Moonlander so it can land in the right orientation on the moon’s surface.

Two side windows are visualised with outside views in order to create a close to real feeling of the orientation of the Moonlander and enhance the ambient context in a space cabin.

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