Top 10 places to visit in Gothenburg by our techno creatives

Grattis Göteborg(are)! Gothenburg turns 400 years today, June 4th! Fifteen years ago, we started Techno Creatives in this fantastic city, and, of course, we wanted to join the remarkable celebration. So we asked our techno creatives to select their favorite place in GBG. A very tough task, you might think. And we agree. It's kind of impossible to pick only one place in Gothenburg.

This cosmopolitan city is full of parks, gardens, and nature reserves. It has several connections to the water: ocean, river, canals, lakes - and the famous rainy days. Hungry? You can find restaurants with cuisine from all over the world. Amazing coffee shops in every neighborhood, delicious options at food trucks - and bike trucks.

The idea of thinking about a fav place is to exercise the look and to bring up great moments in the city we all decided to live, love and work. We hope that it has the same effect on you - and you are most welcome to share your fav spot with us on our LinkedIn.

For now, here are the places in Gothenburg that are most dear to our techno creative's heart. 

1. Härlanda Skogsväg

By Anderson Schimuneck, art director, 6 yrs in Gothenburg

"Losing myself over Härlanda Skogsväg with my yellow horse helps me reconnect my mind with my roots.

Smelling the forest, listening to it, watching it, and eating a good and slow 'assado' allows me to put the stress behind and refresh my body and soul with many references that I bring to my ideation. 

This spot is quite unknown or not so popular because trees and rocks cover it. There you will find a fireplace, tables and seats, and everything else even to set a tent." 

2. Näckrosdammen

By Antonella Morittu, developer, 4yrs in Gothenburg

"I have many favorite places in Gothenburg, especially in the summer when every corner is so green and amazing. But, recently, my most favorite is Näckrosdammen, in Johanneberg, where I also live.

The name means "the water lily pond", it is surrounded by lush and verdant vegetation, making it a real hidden gem. Since it's close to the university buildings, it's common to see young students around, often lying on the grass when sunny.

Together with the water lilies pond, it resembles a Monet painting, giving me the impression of being in a French piece of art of the 19th century. I simply love it! 

It's a very peaceful corner, calm and elegant, and all around the area, there is a little wood and plenty of big trees and bushes that, especially in this season, blossom and look (and smell) absolutely crazy good! On a final note, I enjoy the little playground there cause it's always important to keep your inner child alive and have fun :)" 

3. Änggårdsbergen

By Carl Svanström, strategist, lives in Gothenburg since 1998, with an excursion to Stockholm for a few years.

"Änggårdsbergen is like a mini mountain and forest at the same time, only three minutes biking from the vibrant streets of Linnéstan.

You get all the recreational space you need, either hiking, mountain biking, or doing a small open fire and hot dog barbecue."

4 . Toso restaurant

By Emma Rozada, COO, 15 years in Gothenburg

"A drink on top of the avenue, on a sunny evening overlooking the calmness of Gothenburg.

I choose Toso to get the best Asian fusion food in town."

5. Lilla Torget

By Isak Wahnström, designer, born in the city, lived here for 10 years

"My favorite place in Göteborg is Lilla Torget, a small forgotten place located by the inlet of the large harbor canal.

I feel safe next to the statue in the middle of the Lilla Torget of my fellow alingåsare Jonas Alströmer, which finally is undergoing restoration to once again shine like it once did back in 1905 when it was unveiled.

Lilla Torget is close to pretty much everything in Göteborg, including the train back to the haven of Alingsås. I was born in Göteborg but moved to Alingsås when I was 4. Returning to Göteborg at the age of 23. Re-returning to Alingsås at 30." 

6. Haga Street

By Jay Design, designer, 5yrs in GBG

"It's Haga Street! I love this place because there are a variety of different shops and cafes, And It's right next to my house. As it is one of the famous places in town, you must visit here if you get a chance to be in GBG. 

Sometimes there is a big ceremony or street parade with an instrumental band or costumed people. Whenever it's sunny outside (rarely, but in summer!) I really recommend taking a walk in the Haga street." 

7. Cafe llamalloyd

By JiaoJiao, designer, 22yrs in Gothenburg 

"Cafe llamalloyd is a culture and bike place. There are good coffee and ice cream!

Ask Robin anything about bikes, music, and happenings in Gothenburg."

8. Landala Egnahem

By Martin Carltoft, developer, 22yrs in the GBG

"Landala Egnahem is a small area in Guldheden with 1910-1920s houses and beautiful gardens.

I just love walking around here and letting my mind wander." 

9-10. Näset beaches and Andra Långgatan

By Srdan Kvrgic, developer, 21yrs in Gothenburg

"Just the one? Aw I can't choose! My two favorite spots are the beaches around 'Näset'. I love the wide-open spaces of the archipelago. But just as important is Andra Långgatan.

In my heart, I still see myself as an inner-city kid. I miss living at Andra Långgatan and the Andra Lång-dagen yearly festival. God, those were the days." 


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