The Techno Creatives and Gapwaves receive a Red Dot

Gothenburg, 18 August 2020 - The Techno Creatives and Gapwaves have won a Red Dot in the prestigious international competition Red Dot Award in Brands & Communication Design. The company that develops waveguide antenna products based on a patented technology received the recognition for the project “5G antenna product movie”. The 3D movie in partnership with Techno Creatives explains the sophisticated Gapwaves technology and its different application areas for the public in an eloquent manner.

Gapwaves waveguides is a novel packaging technology for millimeter wave and terahertz circuits and components that has unique advantages compared to the existing transmission line and waveguide technology. The technology is based on an Artificial Magnetic Conductor that enables contactless propagation of electromagnetic waves, significantly reducing transmission losses.

To facilitate and understand this technology, a movie was created using storytelling and 3D graphical illustrations in three main parts: problem statement, Gapwaves’ solution, and future vision having visual style and tone of voice tailored to different target audiences. The result is a unity based movie that helps to set Gapwaves’ vision to provide the building blocks of autonomous vehicles and smart cities in a future where things communicate and collaborate seamlessly to make people’s life flow better. 

“We are very impressed by the work done by The Techno Creatives and excited to receive the Red Dot award. Our ambition with the movie was to visualize Gapwaves state of the art technology and the impact our technology has on society. The result widely exceeded our expectations”, says Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, CEO Gapwaves. 

“Gapwaves products are truly research-based and translating it in a way for different audiences to understand was a stimulating challenge. We are excited that Red Dot recognized this work as outstanding, and are very proud to share this award with Gapwaves”, says Joel Rozada, founder of The Techno Creatives.

Presentation of the winners

Almost 7,000 projects and brands from 50 countries participated in this year’s prestigious design contest. According to the organization, 24 international jurors of the Red Dot Award examined each piece of work, and each brand individually and extensively. They paid particular attention to the form, the idea, and the impact.
All of the award-winning brands and projects will be available to see online on the Red Dot website from October 2020. The prize also publishes an International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design that will be out in November 2020. 

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Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, CEO

The Techno Creatives
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Gapwaves (NASDAQ: GAPW B) originates from research conducted at Chalmers University of Technology and was founded in 2011. Gapwaves vision is to be the most innovative provider of mm-wave antenna systems and the preferred partner to those pioneering next generation wireless technology. By leveraging the disruptive Gapwaves technology we help pioneers in telecom and automotive to create highly efficient mm-wave antenna systems that contributes to re-defining everyday life. Gapwaves markets are e.g. mmWave in 5G telecom and automotive.   

Gapwaves share (GAPW B) is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm and G&W Fondkommission is appointed Gapwaves AB’s Certified Advisor.

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