Techno Creatives and Vitrolife win Red Dot Award

Gothenburg, September 30, 2020 – The product & design agency The Techno Creatives and the MedTech company Vitrolife focused on In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award. The winning project in Brands & Communication Design 2020 is the "G-series interactive Hologram" showcase at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Vienna last year.

The demo installation was built to promote the unique benefits of Vitrolife G-series IVF-specific embryo mediums. In the G-Series, each product is developed to resemble conditions in the female reproductive tract and fulfill embryo growth. "With the new interactive tool, we wanted to show the unique composition of the G-series media by demonstrating each step of the culture system that is so important for a successful outcome," explains Lisa Reck, VP Global Marketing at Vitrolife.

"As the key to success in IVF is care, it was essential to show the challenge of carefully handling gametes and embryos outside the human body and how Vitrolife excels on this task. Therefore creating a hologram seemed a natural choice for this project. We are very proud of the result and thrilled that we won the outstanding Red Dot award together with Vitrolife", says Joel Rozada, The Techno Creatives founder.

The hologram experience 

Vitrolife and The Techno Creatives partnered up to create a thoughtful and inspiring communication around the G-series. It explains in a clear and eye-catching way how the G-Series media assures that through each stage of IVF, embryos and gametes will be surrounded by optimized conditions. 

This way, the interactive installation allowed the user to select a medium to learn about by pressing its physical bottle. This action populates the holographic display around the virtual embryo with information on how this specific formula helps it grow during the IVF process.

"Customers could interact with us in a new way, and it definitely added a fun and inspiring element to our booths", resume Reck.

As the showcase caught the attention and interest from Vitrolife's booth visitors at Vienna's exposition, it has since been used multiple times.

Presentation of Red Dot winners

Almost 7,000 projects and brands from 50 countries participated in this year's prestigious design contest. Award-winning brands and projects will be presented on the Red Dot website from October and in the International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design in November. 

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