Let's celebrate! We've been nominated for two UX Design Awards this year!

The result of the nominations for the UX Design Awards 2019 has been determined: a jury of seven experts selected around 50 products and concepts from more than 20 countries to participate in the international competition. The nominated solutions support people in areas such as health and care, mobility in everyday life and the world of work, communication, agriculture and industry.

Sichuan Golden Ridge Autonomous Wheelchair

The autonomous wheelchair was designed to empower an ever-increasing ageing population. The vehicle grants access to an active lifestyle in both an outdoor and indoor environment with style. With fully autonomous features, such as “summon to location”, everyone can use this vehicle to whatever extent they need it for in their life. To build trust, the wheelchair communicates the behavior and decisions the autonomous vehicle is making to the user via a built-in tablet.

Veoneer journey replay

Journey Replay is an interface that reinforces the driving experience in the autonomous vehicle right after the ride. It offers a second chance to build trust between the driver and the autonomous technology by visualising how the rider and the vehicle have collaborated in a sequence of driving scenarios. The 3D visualisation of the driving context, a decision tree and sensor visualisations together make the decision-making process of an autonomous vehicle transparent and comprehensible.

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