5 questions for Samir Saeedi

He arrived in Sweden at the end of last year and has already started Swedish classes at our Studio. Our new Web Developer, Samir Saeedi, is passionate about learning languages - either computer or human.

At The Techno Creatives, he is coding on JavaScript (Frontend and Backend), having Rust as a next step. "Which was an interesting challenge for me," says Samir when asked about the reasons to join our team.

Check out the five questions we made for him and know more about his work and life   — and خوش آمدید, Samir!

1. What have you been working with before joining us?

I have worked for a couple of companies before. One app I worked on was measuring employees' performance using .Net and Vue.js. I also helped develop a panel for the folks active in the digital marketing space that used Python and React.

2. If you have to choose one language to rule the world, which one would it be? Why? 

JavaScript is already ruling the world! It's definitely the most versatile option out there, and I like it especially when I use TypeScript to get some type-safety on top.

3. What do you like to do in your spare time?  

I've been learning German for a couple of years, and now that I'm here, I need to learn Swedish as well. So learning languages with the help of podcasts, books, and movies is my go-to.

4. What has attracted you to the Techno Creatives?

I had the goal of moving to Europe, and I saw a colleague tweeting out about this job, which included dabbling in Rust, an interesting challenge for me. I appreciate the friendly working environment here. It's of utter importance to me.

5. Tell us three curiosities about you.

  1. I come from Iran.
  2. I have a cat back in Tehran named Hashtag, who now lives with my wife's parents.
  3. I married my wonderful wife quite early, at 21 years old.

I appreciate the friendly working environment at The Techno Creatives. It's of utter importance to me."

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