Abstract by Design #1

Currently, the platform is open to anyone within the design team who would like to talk about anything that interests them. Past work, recent projects, new software, photography, music or just a favorite hobby. The participation format used was two slides to talk, a sort of an abstract. Speakers were allowed approximately ten minutes to share their story but without the pressure of an outro track that forced them to walk off stage before they were done

The speakers were engaged in a few rounds of questions after their presentation. An ice breaker question box was used to jumpstart discussions as it was tossed from one member of the audience to the other. The first edition was kicked off with four speakers and some highly captivating topics ranging from sketching to mountaineering.

Sketching for fun

by Serj Levinta, Interaction Designer NIB

Serj enlightened us about his brilliant freehand sketching skills and illustrated how he moved from the basic pencil sketching to digital sketching. Every piece of artwork that he shared was visualized and illustrated with meticulous detail and visual balance that only the very passionate possess.

Overheard at MIT

by Noel Braganza, Interaction Design Lead

Noel took us through conversations he overheard at the hallways at MIT during his research at the Mobile Experience Lab. From overnight wooden rollercoasters built by students purely on impulsive desires to create, to long drawn research projects of public spaces and interactive tables.

Achievement Unlocked

by Sandeep Gajula, Interaction Designer

Sandeep showed us how we could work and collaborate better with the developers at the company. A topic that hasn´t been given much attention until recently. The discussion covered the benefits of using a collaborative tool like Zeplin as well as an inspiration platform and documentary called Design & Thinking.

When leisure meets work

by Marte Holmöy, Studio Director

Marte shared with us about her love for mountaineering and her crazy adventures from way up high. It´s her love for mountaineering that led her to design for one of her favorite brands. Somehow, there´s always a special memory created when something you´re passionate about leads you to find work with it.

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