Abstract by Design #2

What began as just a small platform for us designers to showcase how amazing or awkward we were, ABSTRACT has grown into a much awaited and anticipated event in the TC calendar. Having inaugurated our brand new stage, ABSTRACT #2 raised the bar yet higher with informal talks ranging from design concepts being appreciated by Zaha Hadid, to how easy it was to actually hack a wifi system. 

The evening began with Magnus, a bike enthusiast and developer and now clearly a talented GoPro video editor. He took us on an adventurous journey called 'Happy Time'. Racing through endless highways and kicking up dirt in knee-deep mud, all synced to the beats of music, his short film is a must see for all you thrill seekers. 


Jay was up next. He explained to us why he changed his name to Jay Design, and also what it meant to him. He spoke about his previous work and his most well received design, the CHIEUT Table, that he designed in 2012, that recently was noticed by one of the most well known names in architecture, Zaha Hadid.

Anderson went up next, taking us on a very personal journey. From how he began to discover and love art and design to the challenges he faces today. From Brazil to Norway to Italy to Sweden, he spoke about his many escapades and passions. If you want to humour him, look for his signature selfie inspiration topic "Me as Schimuka" on Instagram.

Gustav closed the evening with something to think about. He showed us how easy hacking passwords can be. He in-fact even did a LIVE demo just to prove a point. Somehow this talk was unsettling and eyeopening. I believe a lot of us went home and changed our passwords. If you want to know if your passwords have been compromised in any of the many high-profile hacks, then you could check that out here.

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