Check Our Calendar during Gothenburg Tech Week

A week dedicated to breathing tech and entrepreneurship. From October 25th to 29th, Gothenburg Tech Week will gather students, tech-savvy, investors and entrepreneurs to stimulate the tech scene in the city. The Techno Creatives joins forces with the organizers in one more edition and will host five events this year.

26/10 - 4 pm | The CTO - informal hero of progressive tech

We team up with Women in Tech Gothenburg to deep dive into tech’s most mythical role: the chief technical officer. How has the role changed? How does one pursue a career? And why are there still so few women out there?

The discussion will take place both physically and digitally, and it’ll be divided into three panels: The Impact Startup, showcasing CTOs from the green tech and impact tech space; Specific Challenges for healthy tech CTOs; and the CTOs most important challenges - this one counting with the participation of our CTO, Oskar Hagberg.

🗓️ October 26, 16.00
📍Veras Gräsmatta and online
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26/10 - 6 pm | Rust Göteborg meetup

As part of The Techno Creatives’ event calendar, the Rust Göteborg meetup is back after being paused during the pandemic. Our developers will catch up from where we stopped: "What's new in Rust since March 2020". Pizza and beer are on the house!

🗓️ - Tuesday, October 26th | 6:00 to 9:00 pm
🗣 - "What's new in Rust since March 2020?"
📍- Kämpegatan 10, 5th
✍️ Register and more details:
🚨 Attendance requires showing your Covid Bevis with two vaccine shots.

27/10 - 6 pm | Gothenburg Webdev Meetup

Our techno creatives are inaugurating a new meetup in the city: Gothenburg Webdev. It will be a casual meetup to present and discuss cool things, from beginner to advanced topics  — from the ordinary (TypeScript with React) to the new and exciting (Rust and WebAssembly), from visual works (Unity and WebGL) to more complex data topics.

In this first edition, we’ll talk about “Doing things with Minecraft from the browser” by our developer Max Witt, and “Rust and WebAssembly: more crimes for the web”, by Brendan Molloy.

🗓️ - Wednesday, October 27th | 6:00 to 9:00 pm
🗣 - "Doing things with Minecraft from the browser" by Max Witt
       "Rust and WebAssembly: more crimes for the web", by Brendan Molloy
📍- Kämpegatan 10, 5th
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🚨 Attendance requires showing your Covid Bevis with two vaccine shots.

29/10 - 10 am | Capital Meetup

Do you need a capital boost in your startup? Or are you looking for a chance to invest in what could be the next unicorn? 🦄

The Capital Meetup will gather startups who are hungry for connections with investors! The organization guarantees a day full of company pitches, reversed pitching, a session about the trends in tech, and much more. The event will happen at our Studio on October 29th, from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

Read more and register at the event webpage.

🗓️ Friday, October 29th| 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
📍- Kämpegatan 10, 5th
✍️ Register at

29/10 - 4 Pm | END GAME @The Techno creatives

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future - yet! - but we are sure this Gbg Tech Week will be awesome, and we should end it in a good mood!

Come have some drinks and food, mingle, and chill out at our new cool Studio. Let's celebrate together!

🗓️ Friday, October 29th| 4:00 pm to 8.00 pm
📍- Kämpegatan 10, 5th
✍️ Register at

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