Chinapreneurs #4

For this edition of Chinapreneurs we are looking at Startup opportunities across East Asia. How to find markets in Asia and what to learn from local tech scenes. These are the questions that we are asking together with our panel of experienced Asiapreneurs. Place: We're glad to announce that this event is once more hosted and sponsored by our friends at The Techno Creatives!



Andreas has worked in China for over 17 years and has established a number of Swedish, German and Dutch companies in the country as well as built up and ran sales organizations and agent networks in Asia.


Communication proffesional, Marie, works at Cloudberry & initiator of Nordic reality and has been resposible for arranging the Nordic VR-tour to Asia.


Sven is a China specialist who has led many Swedish-Chinese projects, such as the Swedish pavilion at Shanghai Expo2010!


Torbjön is the co-Founder of Virtual Manufacturing Sweden which is a supplier of lean-based production development services. Vitrual Manufacturin has offices in Sweden, Kuala Lumpur and China, among others.

With Chinapreneurs we are building a community for people interested in entrepreneurship, tech and startups in Asia. Get new insights form our panelist and make new contacts and friends in the following mingle’n’music session.

DJ for the evening: Yamato Kitahashi

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