Divvun to showcase inclusive technologies at LT4All at the UN

Did you know that thousands of people don’t have access to their own language on their mobile devices? That’s a reality that our client Divvun and we are working to change. Together we are developing language technologies solutions for Android and iOS devices with the aim to bring digital inclusion to minority speakers users. This kind of action is one of the topics to be discussed at the International Conference Language Technologies for All (LT4All), in Paris, France, from 4th until 6th December. The event happens within the framework of the UN International Year of Indigenous Language.

Among the technologies we created, there are keyboards, spell checker and grammar checkers. Divvun started the project building solutions for the Sami language community. But that was just the beginning. As the whole infrastructure is open source, other communities are creating similar tools for indigenous languages in Canada and Russia, which allows improved cooperated of the tools.

“The layout files are processed by a code generation tool called Kbdgen. This tool integrates open source spell checking by Divvun, specifically designed to handle languages with complex morphology and other requirements, optimized for mobile devices to minimize memory usage and user-perceivable latency of suggestion results”, explains our developer Brendan Molloy.

Do you want to know more? https://indigenous-langtech.uit.n

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