🎙 EP06: Bokio - THE software service for simplifying business administration

A "build it and they will come" story that has turned into a sharp feature development machine. Bokio is about to become the financial software service making life easy for small business owners across Europe.

Techno Creatives Talks proudly welcomes Bokio, a company that began as a bookkeeping startup incubated at Techno Creatives and has now grown to 100 employees - and counting.

According to the CEO and Founder, Viktor Stensson, Bokio’s core is to simplify business and allow them to run cost-efficiently. The key factors to success? Viktor’s answer has no numbers. It’s the human capital. “If you have the right person in place, then you’ll have someone who cares about your customer, and the product will be a consequence of that.”

Listen now to EP06 and find out the story behind Bokio's success.

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