🎙 EP07: Lessons from a UX designer gone product officer

Last season's episode presents David Hallberg, with experiences from Angry Birds, Instabridge, and Forza Football. A must-listen for the digital product designer.

To reach millions of downloads is the dream of most app entrepreneurs, and our next podcast guest has enjoyed this experience quite often. David Hallberg has in his CV Angry Birds, Instabrigde, and Forza Football - all with millions of users around the world.

From acting as a UX Designer until becoming a product owner, David shares in this episode his insights and learnings on how to create engaging digital products. The tips and tricks include validating the hypothesis - or not as he tells us in the Brazilian case - monetization strategy and how to stand out from similar apps.

The final episode of Season 1 also welcomes our CEO Joel Rozada, as a co-host of Techno Creatives Talks.

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