🎙 EP08 I Gapwaves - Building the Antenna Standard of Tomorrow

In the first episode of Season 2, The Techno Creatives Talks welcomes Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, the CEO of Gapwaves to talk about the company and its founder's impressive technology discovery.

"I really see that it could be a standard for how to make this kind of antennas, for all radars you see in the market at high frequencies. And that's kind of impressive." The Gapwaves CEO, Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, highlights his statement as his own vision and why he has his job. However, when you know the Gothenburg company's history, you can understand why his affirmation is not superlative.

In 88, Gapwave's founder Per-Simon Kildal discovered a technology that is now regarded as one of the first conceptualizations of metamaterials; and a genuine breakthrough in electromagnetics. Simply put, they create antennas that enable superior wireless 5G solutions for the Telecom industry and safer radar solutions for the Automotive industry, e.g.

Besides the tech-talk, Sjöqvist, our CSO Jacob Ahrstein, and CEO Joel Rozada chat about creating trust for new inventions working towards large multinationals, overcoming crises and strategies to expand businesses.

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