Exclusive screening of Design Disruptors, by InVision

DESIGN DISRUPTORS is a documentary that reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches of 15+ industry-shaking companies, and how they’re using the power of design to disrupt billion dollar industries. The Techno Creatives brings to you the exclusive screening of DESIGN DISRUPTORS in Gothenburg. Seating is limited—reserve your seat today!

About the film

Our future is designed. DESIGN DISRUPTORS is a full-length documentary featuring design leaders and product designers from 15+ industry-toppling companies—valued at more than a $1trillion dollars combined. The film chronicles the true nature of design and the design-driven business revolutions being shaped around the world through the eyes of designers. Get a never-before-seen look into the perspectives, processes, and design approaches of leaders at industry-toppling brands and discover how these companies are disrupting billion dollar industries through design.

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