Figma Config Europe will have a techno creative as a Speaker

The Techno Creatives has been using Figma for a while now, and we can state that it is an excellent design tool. But as it is known, the first all-in-one design tool-based in browser allows the team to share and collaborate with the project simultaneously, something that has drastically changed our way of working. A feature that improved communication and also brought some challenges with it. Like how to build trust between all stakeholders involved in the development process in an open design tool? That is what our Digital Product Designer, Daan Hekking, will talk about at Figma Config Europe's virtual conference on September 17th.

"In these high-paced, agile environments, communication with the team is crucial, especially with developers. Being a designer in this process requires you to be clear, organised, but also brave when using an open design tool like Figma", says Daan.

So how effectively documented handovers in living files, how small prototypes can support alignment, and how to accomplish version control to not confuse developers with work-in-progress? To better explain these questions, Daan will present a case of an app/experience design process executed in an agile manner, in which the design team is a sprint (3 weeks) ahead of the development team.

Figma Config Europe is open to everyone, and the free register closes tomorrow (10/09). The event will happen from 12:00 to 17:00 BST and include discussions from professionals from different countries and areas. More information about how to attend and the full agenda on the conference webpage.

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