Founders of the Year 2021 are announced in Stockholm

The Techno Creatives proudly participated in the Founders' Gala at the City Hall in Stockholm, last Thursday (16). The event announced the Founders of the Year Award winners and, in this edition, also marked Founders Alliance’s 20th Anniversary. In the audience, top entrepreneurs from several industries and a special guest, H.R.H. Prince Daniel who award the prize highest Category.

The award is Founders Alliance's main recognition, aiming to draw attention and raise the profile of founders and thus stimulate more medium-sized and large internationally expanding entrepreneurial companies. It has six categories: from the young founder, through all phases of a company's growth cycle; to the founder who through a lifetime achievement has developed one or more companies, and who embodies a true role model for others.

Emma Rozada presented the winners of 1st Category
"I'm proud to be part of the Founders Alliance Family, and it was an honor to participate in the 20th Anniversary celebrations. Thank you for a fantastic evening and the opportunity to be the Chairman for the first category in the Founders of the Year Award. We look forward to attending many anniversaries!", says Emma Rozada, COO at The Techno Creatives.

Below, we listed the winners, chosen by qualified founders acting as jury during the Founders' Gala. They have been ranked based on the FA Index, which considers past performance in areas as sales, profitability, growth, employment, and societal benefits, amongst others.

Founder of the Year Gold - 4th Category
Magnus Wilhelmsson (Nordic Wellness)
Cecilia Ekholm (Särnmark Group)

Founder of the Year Silver - 4th Category
Johan Waller, Kristian Liljefors and Fredrik Palmgren (Business Wellness Group)

Founder of the Year Gold - 3rd Category
Pirkko T. Kyllönen (Språkservice Sverige)
Niklas Hedin (Centiro)
Founder of the Year Silver - 3rd Category
Mikael Kretz o Håkan Paulsson (Qgroup)

Founder of the Year Gold - 2nd Category
Maria Åkerberg - (MARIA ÅKERBERG)
Carl Hörberg (84codes)

Founder of the Year Silver - 2nd Category
Therése Lorentzon och Johanna Deras (PRO TEMPORE)
Jónas Antonsson (Raw Fury)

Founder of the Year Gold - 1st Category
Monica Born (Superfront)
Pierre Persson (MUD Studios)

Founder of the Year Silver - 1st Category
Rahel Belatchew (Belatchew Arkitekter)
Carl-Johan Beckman, Kristian Johansson and Niklas Uddholm (Awave)

Young Founder of the Year Gold
Ida Norström - (Energy Effective Solutions)
Anton Fast and Simon Geldner (Ophena)

Young Founder of the Year Silver
Petronella Gustafsson ( Progress Me)
Sebastian Salomonsson (SebSalo Energi)

Founder of the Year Honorary Award
Christina Wahlström (Mama Mia)
Darko Pervan (Välinge)

Pierre Persson, Founder of the Year Gold - 1st Category
Monica Born (Superfront), Founder of the Year Gold - 1st Category

Rahel Belatchew, Founder of the Year Silver - 1st Category
Niklas Uddholm and Carl-Johan Beckman, Founder of the Year Silver - 1st Category

Photos by: Evan Pantiel & David Thunander

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About Founders Alliance
Founders Alliance was established in 2002 by Niclas Carlsson. Today, it’s a premium collaborative business forum for founders of large-scale corporations, owners of international growth companies and engaged in multiple social impact initiatives around the globe. Its membership comprises over 400 high performing founders in Sweden and owners in a network of 2000 companies stretching across all industries and areas of expertise. It has 250 active large-scale founders headed by 50 international founders with headquarters in 11 countries including: USA (CA), India, China (Hong Kong), United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

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