GBG Tech Week: Let’s Discuss the Journey to CTO and Gender Diversity?

Gothenburg Tech Week is just around the corner. From October 25 -29th, a series of inspirational talks and learnings from tech experts and entrepreneurs will shake up the city. Among them, a discussion brought by Women in Tech Gothenburg (WiT) and The Techno Creatives about tech’s most mythical role: the chief technical officer (CTO). The event happens on October 26, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm.

What does the job entail? How does one pursue a career as CTO? Why are there still so few women out there? Some of the points the debate wants to deep dive into along with future technology and business impact.

"We build startups, and their most common obstacle is the lack of a CTO. We started wondering why that was - we know so many tech people; do they not think themselves CTO-material? Or is the role too undefined?” tells the co-founder of WiT Venture Studio,Jennifer Grönqvist. She explains these questions made them realize that to create startups, it would be needed to create CTOs.  “The event is a starting point for our new mission.”

The discussion will take place both physically and digitally, and it’ll be divided into three panels: The Impact Startup, showcasing CTOs from the green tech and impact tech space; Specific Challenges for healthy tech CTOs; and the CTOs most important challenges - this one counting with the participation of our CTO, Oskar Hagberg. 

Our CTO Oskar Hagberg
We certainly need to put more light on the role and what it represents in different areas. I’ve seen people acting as CTO but using other titles. It will be an interesting debate, and we hope to encourage more professionals to take this step”, says Oskar.

According to Jennifer, the event will open to both deeply tech-related and nonsensical questions. “Everyone should go home feeling inspired and included.”


Women in Tech Gothenburg is a non-profit organization working towards a fair and equal tech industry by empowering, educating, and advocating for women working in it. They aim to make the women within the field, the industry itself, and the products and services it produces better.

Jennifer Grönqvist, co-founder of WiT Venture Studio
We relate a lot to The Techno Creatives in wanting to create magic and have fun in this amazing space that tech is right now. We are both sort of hybrids, pragmatic and with a strong drive to do the unexpected or what some might think impossible. It means a lot for us to have them by our side”, says Jennifer.

For the The Techno Creatives COO, Emma Rozada, "we all need to contribute to the diversity and especially increasing women working in technology. Together we can make a difference and create a responsible and diverse work culture. We believe that Women in Tech enables a scene that drives the agenda and empowers a positive progression for women and businesses." 

>> See more about the event, list of speakers, and registration here.

The CTO - informal hero of progressive tech

🗓 October 26, 16.00
📍 Veras Gräsmatta and online
✍️ Register here

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