GBG Tech Week - Watch the full seminar about sustainable business

Society's eyes are widened open to the effects of climate change. People are looking to sustainable brands, and the market is already paying attention to this shift in consumer behavior. According to Tomas Haglund, Chief Innovation Officer at Formica Capital, businesses that aren't sustainable or at least on their way to it, are fated to disappear. "It's quite imperative: if you are not building a resilient business that can adapt to climate change, you will not exist tomorrow." 

The former member of our advisory board emphatic statement was part of the panel "Accelerating positive impact" in a seminar hosted by The Techno Creatives during the GBG Tech Week on August 31. Because we think this question matters to everyone, we are making the streaming available on our Youtube Channel (check it below).

"A true pleasure having Tomas over and picking his brain around sustainable business transformations. The sustainability focus is not only a mere side note in the annual report but a growth imperative", says Jacob Arhnstein, our Chief Strategy Officer, adding that last year the global sustainability investment hit a record high of 30.7 Trillion USD, "indicating the underlying political and industry force around the topic".  

In the seminar, Tomas also emphasizes that sustainability is a journey, and if the final goal seems difficult to reach, the companies need to focus on what it's feasible to start now. But how can we meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations? What's the difference between sustainability and the circular economy? How can we start the right initiatives now? Those are other questions answered in the interactive discussion conducted by Jacob, so let's get straight to the full video: 

Take a look at the pictures from our Circular Talks & Barbecue, that happened both physically and virtually:

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