How to get bitter lemons and make a tasty lemonade

This post is a short history that shows how our creative and entrepreneurial spirit works, especially in challenging situations like the ones brought with the coronavirus. Is not about grabbing ourselves, but more about giving an example of how we can make lemonade out of lemons.

We were using a PCB board in a specific project - can’t describe too much, it’s confidential. The fact is that the client was in need of more of this manufactured product. The problem was that the supplier had stopped production due to Covid-19 and there were no more available in the market. The solution? It came from our senior developer Emil Kullander.

He drew his own version of the card, then sent it to get the PCBs manufactured. The rest of the job was made in our Electronics Lab (e-lab). “Since it was a really simple design with few components, I estimated it would be faster and cheaper to just build it here instead of waiting for restock. This way we could keep our deadline towards our client”, explains Kullander.

And that’s the happy end. Within two weeks we had the product sketched, delivered and assembled while the original product was still out of stock in all stores. Oh, these techno creatives… ♥️

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