React JS Meetup

It’s time to wipe away the summer haze and begin a new dev year with a truly legendary React meet up! What better way do this by freshening up old code and thinking in Graphs when dealing with state! We’re really excited to have Will Lyon and Oskar Hane from Neo4j who’ll give us some insight into how graph-data fits perfectly with GraphQL and your React state.

Mikeal Eliasson from Bokio will take us through their experience of moving from Angluar 1 to react, the pros and cons of bringing in a new tech stack. The Techno Creatives will host the event, providing atmosphere, a creative environment, refreshments and beer. So, please be aware that we wont be at the Callista office! Look forward to seeing you all!


17:30 - 18:00

Arrive Mingle

18:00 - 19:00

Graphs All The Way Down: Building A Full Stack Graph Application With GraphQL and Neo4j, Will Lyon, Neo4j

Despite what the name may imply, GraphQL is not a query language for graph databases. Instead it is a new way of building APIs where application data is treated as a graph on the frontend. GraphQL has been called "REST 2.0" as it offers many advantages over REST.

Although GraphQL can be used with any database or backend service, it becomes even more powerful when combined with a graph database such as Neo4j. Using graphs on the backend as well as the frontend allows for removing the mapping and translation layer, simplying development. Translating GraphQL to a single graph database query offers performance benefits. Further, we can enhance the expressivity of GraphQL by exposing Cypher, the query language for graphs, in our GraphQL schema.

This talk will start with a brief overview of GraphQL and graph databases then dive into why they are awesome when used together! We will talk about how we can use GraphQL with Neo4j and walk through the code to build a full stack application. No experience with GraphQL or graph databases is necessary to benefit from this talk.

19.00 - 20:00

The learnings from rewriting the Neo4j Browser using modern technologies and how to manage an open source project with a distributed core team, Oskar Hane, Neo4j

20.00 - 21:00

The ups and downs of switching to React. Lessons learned while migrating a large codebase from Angular 1, Mikeal Eliasson, Bokio

21:00 - Hometime

Graphs all the way down

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