The boundaries of work - Keeping it sustainable

How does one juggle the responsibilities of work, with the responsibilities of life? There are different factors that make work-life balance hard - careers have become the most important goal to people, the demands of trying to reach the top in hierarchal companies have increased. What started as passion and dedication could turn out to be the tipping point later on. We move more towards boundaryless work, who are responsible for setting boundaries?

Is work-life balance and working with boundaries a myth within the busy environment of startups and scale-ups? Can companies grow, scale, and still keep the work-life balance? What responsibilities lies on the individual and what can you do yourself?

Join us for breakfast and learn more about boundary-less work and work-life balance, you will get to listen to what research have to say about this subject and get concrete tips, tricks and perspectives from companies that are working hard to create a sustainable work-life balance.

Packed programme during #gbgtechweek – Göteborg & Co

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