TV4 presents Valkyria and our VR experience for the Liseberg roller coaster

In 2017, Liseberg contacted us with an exciting challenge: to give guests a glimpse into the upcoming roller coaster ride to be launched in the summer of next year. One of Scandinavia's most visited amusement parks was creating Europe's highest dive coaster, and we couldn't be more enthusiastic about it! Now, the whole project is available to watch on "Teknikens under" program, from TV4.

The final episode of Season 1 gives a unique insight into the work behind Valkyria, a roller coaster with a vertical fall and speed of over 105 km/h. The audience gets to know every engineering detail of creating this masterpiece to our VR experience offered to Liseberg's public while the roller coaster was under construction.

The Techno Creatives team has not only built the virtual environment transporting guests back in time to the Viking Age, but also thoughtfully crafted a 4D experience, syncing seat movements with ventilators and sound.

"We are only at the beginning of Virtual Reality use in amusement parks. It's going to be huge", predicted our Lead Design Simons Jimmefors in the show.

Got curious?

Take a look at Teknikens Under episode 7:

Design team create a virtual reality experience for Liseberg
Design team create a virtual reality experience for Liseberg
A chair to simulate a 4D ride in the rollercoaster Valkyria
Do you want to know more about the VR experience for Liseberg?
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About the show: "Teknikens Under provides an insight into the work behind some of the world's modern masterpieces, including Europe's fastest passenger train and North America's largest bridge. The series studies the technological innovations that have changed the way we live." 

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