Venture Cup Announces 2021 Winners; Three Are From Väst Region

A day to celebrate great ideas and promising startups! On October 7th, The Techno Creatives hosted Venture Cup National Finals, having the finalists from West Region presented by our COO Emma Rozada. The Startup of the Year prize was given to Reselo, a startup that develops sustainable materials from renewable resources.

At our Studio, the confetti popped out three times. The winners from Public Choice (Taigatech), Best Traction (Avidnote), and Beyond Academic (Compular) came all from West Region.

The level of competitors in Venture Cup is always impressive, and it's an honor to be part of it. ”, said Rozada, that was also on the jury. “It was exciting having three winners with us! Congratulations to all winners and finalists! Keep going!”
Our COO Emma Rozada hosted the ceremony in the West Region

Venture Cup is Sweden's biggest competition for startups and business ideas. They arrange two competitions yearly. The spring is about start-ups in an early phase, and during the fall, the competition is all about ideas (by the way, you can already apply for it here). Besides the financial support for winners, the organization offers feedback and development tips on all submitted ideas by experienced industry experts.  

Check out all Venture Cup 2021 winners and click here to read all about them.

Game Changer and Startup of the Year - Reselo

Impact Maker - Big Akwa

Best Traction - Avidnote

Beyond Academic - Compular

ESA BIC Sweden's Rymdpriset - Mantis Photonics

Public Choice - Taigatech

All West Finalists on the stage
Compular, Beyond Academic Winner
Avidnote, Best Traction Winner
Taigatech, Public Choice Winner

Madele Näslund (Venture Cup) and Emma checking mics before the streaming
The techno creatives Leticia Rezende with the final adjustments
End of the party =)

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