The Techno Creatives Has a Brand New Studio

The Techno Creatives has a new address to call home in Gothenburg! The larger one-floor studio is part of our ongoing growth strategy that includes expanding our team and working as a creative hub with partner companies. Take note: our next Fika will be at Kämpegatan 10.

"We wanted to gather everyone on the same floor to enhance the one-team feeling when expanding our tribe. We have searched for a prime location that embraces our company culture and found a perfect match. It has a fantastic history, and together, we have managed to create a modern workplace", says  Emma Rozada, Techno Creatives COO and co-founder.

Already in the building entrance, you are struck by the incredible staircase where the old brick and the steel columns are preserved. The house is designed in an industrial style, and all premises still have details from when it was built.

"The area was like a blank canvas, and we've been working on it since last year. Everyone gave suggestions and opinions. It has our touch all over the office, and you can feel our energy there. That's what makes this project so special", says Martin Persson, Strategist and our in-house architect.

A little oasis

The Pagoden District consists of about 40,000 sqm of offices, restaurants, studios, of which Kämpegatan 10 is approximately 6,500 sqm. The building has previously been a production facility for Wine and Drink, and it's the last one in the area to be transformed from industry and warehouse into modern offices, with its architecture and history carefully preserved.

"The neighborhood is an own little oasis where exercise, well-being, good food, and architecture are at the center," says Linda Neidert, rental manager at Bygg-Göta.

The industrial area has been revitalized by Bygg-Göta
"We are extremely happy that The Techno Creatives has chosen to move into the area! It has been exciting to design the venue together, where their creativity and passion for creating something unique, but at the same time with a respect for the old, has made the venue something beyond usual."

For our CEO and co-founder, Joel Rozada, the big area allowed us to create a modern, comfortable, fluid, and sustainable workplace. "We are building a customer-centered business in symbiosis with new companies towards the industry and see our office as the stage and hub. We are here to stay", states CEO and founder Joel Rozada. We are all pretty excited and can't wait to receive everyone at Kämpegatan 10. Hope to see you soon! 

Check out some of the spaces in a spectacular attic of just over 1300 sqm and 4.5 m in ceiling height:
Our kitchen, bar and coffee station
Details from the Coffee Station
Eletronics Lab
Maker Space
Podcast Room
Bike Workshop
Design Studio
Another view from the Design Studio, which is being redecorated
Of course, it would come to our new home after an exciting "crane" ride
Last but not least, the crane ride in this astonish image


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